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Scientists voice concerns about adaptive pathways

A prominent group of nine leading professors and scientists have written a strongly worded letter to the European Medicines Agency raising serious concerns over the ongoing ’Adaptive Pathways’ pilot project. A prominent group of nine (...)

Who’s afraid of nutrient profiles?

Nutrient profiles are misunderstood by many. But their importance is quite well-understood by those fearful of reasonable food marketing. On 12 April the European Parliament opened the possibility for nutrient profiles to be eliminated from the Claims (...)

Transfats regulation, the lowest-hanging fruit

Restricting the use of transfats in the food system will quickly yield significant and directly observable results. Removing trans fats from products is not only possible, but has been done by many small and big food companies alike. Why are we still (...)

New European pilot project promotes better health for those in isolated and vulnerable situations

The new ’VulnerABLE’ Project aims to increase our understanding of how best to improve the health of people who are living in vulnerable and isolated situations in the European Union. It began in early 2016 and will continue for two years, (...)

EPHA Consultation Response on TTIP Sustainability Impact Assessment

9 June 2016 Brussels: EPHA has been campaigning to mitigate the negative public health impacts of TTIP, including (...)...
Updated on 09/06/2016

[Joint Statement] Civil Society urges Member States to defend the need for a critical review of the intellectual property system and incentives for medical innovation

2 June 2016, Brussels —The signing Civil Society organisations call on Member States to resist pressure from (...)...
Updated on 06/06/2016

Agriculture and Public Health: Impacts and pathways for better coherence

A new EPHA discussion paper on the links between agriculture and public health. Agriculture and health are (...)...
Updated on 30/05/2016

PRESS RELEASE | Is TTIP prescribing more expensive medicines for Europe?

EPHA calls on the Commission to present evidence that TTIP will actually lead to lower prices for medicines in (...)...
Updated on 24/05/2016

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