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Thinking of JOINING EPHA?

Then fill in and send us back the membership application form. Do not hesitate contacting the EPHA Secretariat for any questions or for help with the forms.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - What will EPHA membership provide?

As a dynamic member-led organisation with over 20 years’ advocacy experience, EPHA is the voice for public health in Europe. EPHA brings together the public health community to work towards European policies and programmes which protect and improve public health. Together we facilitate change and drive equitable solutions to health challenges.

How does EPHA deliver change?

- By providing the latest information on EU policy developments - Giving EPHA members and coalitions essential insight into the policy-making process on health-relevant issues.

- By actively contributing to decision-making, by communicating clear messages from the public health community, to the right people, at the right time. This includes communication via a variety of media channels and at key events.

- By providing a platform and opportunities for our members to be actively engaged with the EU decision-making process, via policy debates, consultations and stakeholder dialogues.

- By effective cooperation with key stakeholders – the EU Institutions, the WHO, EU and national politicians and officials, academia and the research community, NGOs, broader cross-sectoral civil society and industry. For example, EPHA works closely with the Social Platform, the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), and the EU Civil Society Contact Group to achieve our aims together.

-  By training, mentoring and supporting NGOs and public health actors to effectively engage with the EU.

How are EPHA members involved in leading the change?

- Policy Co-ordination Meeting (PCMs) - Monthly meetings in Brussels open to all members, including via teleconference. An opportunity to share information, discuss EU health policy developments and create policy positions and strategies. PCM minutes are available on the Members Only section of the EPHA website.

- EPHA Working Groups - Working Group meetings are convened to bring together members and coordinate strategies and actions on current policy questions. Currently EPHA hosts WGs on the following policy areas: Antimicrobial Resistance,eHealth, EU Budget and Research, Food Environment & Sustainable Diets, Health and Trade [TTIP], Healthy Economic Policy and Semester, Universal Access to Affordable Medicines , Cancer Control Expert Group, Health Professionals.

- EPHA Professional Development Programme (PDP) - Run twice a year and free of charge for EPHA members, the PDP is a series of capacity-building seminars designed to train participants on successful advocacy on public health issues at EU level. See the spring and autumn 2014 editions.

- EPHA website and Members’ Area - With over 300,000 visitors a year, EPHA’s website is a leading source of information on public health matters in the EU. Epha.org is an important reference for key stakeholders, including European Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), national Ministries of Health, the WHO, as well as affected industries and the media. EPHA’s website will be revamped in 2016 to become a more effective platform and to increase visibility and awareness of EPHA’s member organisations, their activities and views.

- EPHA members have access to internal policy and strategy information on the password-protected part of the website.

- EPHA alerts - Realtime email alerts to members on important health-related developments and announcements at EU level, plus regular updates.

- E-Newsletter - EPHA’s monthly email newsletter includes EPHA analysis of recent EU policy developments related to public health, EPHA position and recommendation papers, EPHA press statements, letters, and other public health insights.

- Help desk - EPHA Secretariat experts are on hand for the very latest updates, views or tailored expertise.

- Events calendar - Keep informed about public health events and stakeholder opportunities in Brussels and further afield.


EPHA membership interacts, plans and coordinates actions via:

- Working Groups.


  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • eHealth
  • EU Budget and Research
  • Food Environment & Sustainable Diets
  • Health and Trade [TTIP]
  • Healthy Economic Policy and Semester
  • Universal Access to Affordable Medicines
  • Cancer Control Expert Group
  • Health Professionals.


EPHA membership fees are based on the income of the member organisation. Details are presented HERE.

Want to KNOW MORE?

Read an article by the Royal College of Nursing in the UK.

Contact details: Chris Russ, chris@epha.org Tel: + 32 2 233 38 80


For an additional fee, EPHA can provide practical support for members’ advocacy work. Contact the Secretariat to find out how EPHA can help your organisation. For example:

- Strategic advice including identifying the best opportunities in the EU agenda to enhance your advocacy work;
- Develop advocacy campaigns to raise awareness and increase your impact;
- Boost your expertise on EU policies and EU decision-making processes;
- Train, mentor and support your staff to effectively navigate the “Brussels bubble” to increase impact with decision-makers;
- Communications training on how best to reach the EU media agenda;
- Network opportunities to build connections to important decision-makers;
- Deliver timely messages to decision-makers on your behalf if you are not based in Brussels;
- Use research to analyse the EU political landscape and how it relates to your objectives;
- Event organisation, promotion and logistics using EPHA’s outstanding track-record of hosting tailor-made events to communicate your messages in Brussels.

Last modified on February 2 2016.