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EPHA Report on ‘Left Behind – The impact of economic migration on children left behind and their families’

A conference jointly organized by L’Albero Della Vita, Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti and Eurochild, took place in Brussels on the 2nd of March 2011. The conference addressed the issue of children left behind in the country of origin when parents migrate to another European country in search of employment. This phenomenon is still underestimated and unknown while it concerns approximately half a million children in the European Union. The event gathered experts from all over Europe to (...)

The Impact of EU Accession on Public Health in Croatia

On 17 January 2011, EPHA and ASPHER - the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region - jointly organised a capacity building event on ’’the impact of EU accession on public health in Croatia’’ at the Andrija Štampar School of Public Health (ASSPH) in Zagreb. The purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness of the impact of the EU Single Market on public health, as well as to discuss and understand how EU accession is going to challenge (...)

** Updated ** EPHA’s 2007 International Conference: Health in the Enlarged EU

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) concluded its three-year project "Building the Public Health Community across Europe" by organising an international conference. The conference "Health in the Enlarged EU" held in Bratislava on 16-17 April 2007, is settled by a final report now available. Outcomes In June and July 2007, EPHA publised on the Conference website several documents of the conference: The "Health in Enlarged EU"’s Final report including the minutes of the (...)
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What is European Citizenship and who is responsible?

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is concerned that "European citizenship" is an issue that belongs to everyone and yet no one is claiming responsibility for it. ECAS has issued a petition to encourage the European Parliament to create a forum in which this increasingly important issues can be discussed. Many questions need to be answered regarding what it means to be a European Citizen. The European institutions need to ensure that their policies and processes represent the views (...)

Exchange of best practice on NGO coallitions in Malta, 2006

On 14th of November, 2006 the Malta Recourse Centre (MRC) held a Practices Exchange Meeting on Networking in Public Health, in Malta . As part of the EPHA’s Central and Eastern European project, the MRC, in cooperation with Civic Alliance Latvia (CAL), held a meeting for a variety of Maltese organisations working on public health in order to discuss the scope for setting up a public health network in Malta. The MRC has previously been successful in establishing an Anti-poverty (...)
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Do people with mental health problems benefit from a personal allocation?

In 2005-2006, Mental Health Europe, an EPHA member, carried out a pan-EUropean survey to determine if a ’personal budget’ (ie the allocation of a certain sum of money received by people suffering from disabilities to pay for people and services that assis them in their daily life) also benefits people with mental health problems. A ’personal budget’ allows the person to be at the centre of a support network and take decision for his/her wn life. The survey shows (...)
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Prevalence of TB and Inequalities in Health Care for Roma in Europe

This article gives details of two new reports regarding the health of Roma people in Europe. Firstly the prevalence of TB in Roma communities is addressed in the report Confronting a Hidden Disease: TB in Roma Communities, and secondly, the inequalities in health services is highlighted in a report by the European Roma Rights Centre TB in Roma Communities Confronting a Hidden Disease: TB in Roma Communities is a new report by Marta Schaaf of the World Lung Foundation, on behalf of the (...)

Platforms of NGOs in Latvia - The bridge to the European Union

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) in co-operation with The Civic Alliance Latvia (CAL) organised the Conference ”Platforms of NGOs in Latvia - The bridge to the European Union” on 20th of April 2006 in Riga. The aim of the conference was to organise a discussion forum for Latvian NGOs on participation issues in decision-making processes in EU institutions. The Conference was divided into two sessions. In the first session the representatives from NGOs in Latvia and (...)

New Slovenian public health platform: the Slovene Coalition for Public Health

Following up EPHA capacity-building seminar in January 2005, the Slovene Coalition for Public Health was set up on December 2005 by Slovenian orgnaisations and officially registered on 25 August, 2006. Background On January 2005, EPHA in co-operation with the Centre for non-governmental organisation of Slovenia (CNVOS) organised a capacity building workshop “Towards a national public health platform in Slovenia”. Expert facilitators delivered training modules on the EU and (...)

Croatian Association for Sanitary Engineering runs workshop on complying with EU regulations

On 2nd of June 2006, Croatian Association for Sanitary Engineering (HUSI), one of EPHA’s newest members, organised an international workshop on "Practical Problems of Sampling". The workshop which was held in Opatija, Croatia, was attended by organisations from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia, and focused on legal procedures and difficulties while trying to comply with EU rules. As an organisation based in an accession country, the Croatian Association has reported encountering several (...)
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