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EU Council adopts the first ever Recommendation on sport, notably on promoting health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA)

On 26 November of 2013 the Council adopted the first ever Council Recommendation in sport, notably on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors (HEPA). It also adopted Council conclusions on the ‘Contribution of sport to the EU economy, and in particular to addressing youth unemployment and social inclusion’. The Council also held a policy debate on ‘Good governance in sport’. The Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council met in Brussels on 25 (...)

EU budget 2014-2020: EU leaders agree to historic cut

Following over a year of negotiations and a final 24 hour-long summit, the EU budget 2014-2020 was agreed on 8 February. Smaller than the current 2007-2013 budget, the new EU budget (called multiannual financial framework) sets the EU financial priorities and spending limits until 2020. This is the first time in the Union’s history that a net reduction on its budget has been made. The deal struck roughly represents 1% of EU Gross National Income. The net reduction comes at a time when (...)

Commission Work programme 2013

On 25 October, the European Commission unveiled its 2013 work programme. Its overarching goal is to put the EU back on the road to sustainable growth. This will entail economic reforms, skills development, research and innovation, and changes in the single market. In the field of health, there are several initiatives mentioned for next year: Review of the Thematic Strategy on air pollution and associated legislation - assess the implementation and achievements of current air pollution (...)

European Commission’s EU Youth Report 2012 prioritises health and well-being of young people

The statistics are bleak. Youth unemployment in the EU among 15-24-year-olds has increased by 50% since the beginning of the economic crisis and are now 22.5% on average. Latest figures released by Eurostat show that highest rates are in Greece (53.8%) and Spain (52.9%). Since the first Report in 2009 a number of policies aimed at youth were introduced. In addition to employment and social inclusion, the Youth Report 2012 (produced every three years by the EU Commission) calls for health (...)

Award: 10,000 € for the European Social Entrepreneur of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations

Along with the European Commission, Ashoka (the worlds’ oldest and biggest network of social entrepreneurs) and Generali Future Fund present the award ‘European Social Entrepreneur of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations’. The award recognises individuals who have developed exceptional models to solve a social problem regarding active aging and solidarity between generations. The models should be replicable elsewhere and have the potential to improve (...)

Quarterly Review shows EU employment, social conditions and services continue to deteriorate

Despite minor improvements, the EU employment and social situation continue to worsen according to the Quarterly Review published by the European Commission. Areas of particular concern are the labour market segmentation; the participation of women and youth; the impact of the crisis on health and social services; and the cuts in social benefits and deteriorating living conditions. Earlier last month, Commissioner Andor presented the Employment Package and country-specific recommendations (...)

EPHA Press Release: EP report on rights of vulnerable consumers- an opportunity missed

The European Parliament (EP) report (1), on the rights of vulnerable consumers passed last Tuesday, May 22. It calls on the Commission to get rid of its flawed course to protect young people from the might of food and beverages advertising. Yet, the EP still seems disappointedly cautious in prioritising consumers above the corporative interests of these industries. Brussels, May (...)

European Commission employment package confirms health as growth area

The European Commission has released a comprehensive employment package which includes a policy communication, "Towards a job-rich recovery," and nine Commission Staff Working Documents. The package contains concrete measures to combat mass unemployment and mitigate the effects of the crisis. The green economy, health services and ICT are recognised as high potential employment areas. The policy communication underlines the need for a stronger employment and a social dimension to EU (...)

WHO Europe series on “Young people’s health as a whole-of-society response”

The WHO European Region’s series of “Young people’s health as a whole-of-society response” shows that gender differences and inequalities affect various aspects of illness, health and wellbeing in girls and boys in Europe. By addressing gender as a key determinant of adolescent health, this publication aims to support Member States’ work in the framework of the European Strategy for Child and Adolescent Health and Development. Research shows that boys and (...)

IPPF: Fighting for the eradicatio​n of violence against women on Internatio​nal Women’s Day 2012 - Europe has a crucial role to play

To combat violence against women and domestic violence IPPF EN urges a swiftratification of the Council of Europe Convention. On the eve of International Women’s Day 2012 IPPF EN calls on all 47 member states of the Council of Europe and the European Union to demonstrate their concrete commitment to ensure women’s rights and the eradication of violence against women by ratifying the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and (...)