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EU Court of Auditors slams EU CAP wine promotion budget as waste of taxpayers money

1 July, 2014 - A report published today by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) reveals that the need for an investment and promotion measures specific to the wine sector is not justified. The sector already enjoys support from the rural development programme. From a public health perspective, taxpayers money channeled to production and promotion of alcohol is a clear clash with EU policies designed and implemented to reduce alcohol consumption in Europe and beyond. One of EPHA’s (...)

Clock is ticking in the run up to historic CAP reform deal

By 26 June, the Irish Presidency of the Council of European Union intends to strike a deal on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform for the years 2014-2020. After 20 months of tough negotiation, how likely is the CAP and crops its supposed to produce to contribute to public health objectives of improved health outcomes and reduced health inequalities? In 2010, the European Commission announced its vision for "the CAP towards 2020" with the inclusion of public health and healthy (...)

[EPT] CAP reform – new regulations - Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) revision for 2014-2020

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) revision for 2014-2020 The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is due to be reformed by 2013. After a wide-ranging public debate the Commission presented on 18 November 2010 a Communication on "The CAP towards 2020", which outlines options for the future CAP and launched the debate with the other institutions and with stakeholders. On 12 October 2011 the Commission presented a set of legal proposals designed to make the CAP a more effective policy for a more (...)

EU Parliament votes to adopt Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) measure as part of agricultural reform

The European Parliament voted on its plenary session on 13 March on the reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP). As part of this vote, amendments concerning Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) were offered and adopted as part of the Parliament’s position for the second reading procedure. The relation between AMR and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) The adopted amendment 192 and 193 introduces a new Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) standard (containing a (...)

[Press Release] Out of touch - European Parliament backs tobacco subsidies & votes an agriculture policy unfriendly to public health

Brussels, 13 March – The European Public Health & Agriculture Consortium (EPHAC) is disappointed by the European Parliament’s approval of coupling subsidies to tobacco production. Tobacco should not have a place in the 2014-2020 EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). With this move, the European Parliament (EP) wants to inject taxpayer’s money into a toxic crop that causes nearly 700,000 annual deaths (1) in the EU. Today’s vote did very little to fix all that is (...)

[Press Release] EU agriculture budget must favour healthy foodstuff, not chronic disease in the form of tobacco subsidies

Brussels, 4 March – In the run up to next week’s European Parliament (EP) vote on the 2014-2020 EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), national delegations from the three largest political groups in the EP (1) are set to decide their negotiating mandate for the agriculture funds: a budge heading that will consume 38 percent of the next seven-year EU budget. The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) calls on Europe’s political ‘families’ not to support the (...)

[Open Letter] 250 Organisations Alarmed by the Prospect of Regressive Common Agricultural Policy reform

A healthy common agricultural policy (CAP) is very relevant in the context of tackling chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). That is why the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the European Public Health & Agriculture Consortium (EPHAC) - along with more than 250 NGOs - have signed up to an open letter from civil society calling for a public health & environmental friendly CAP reform. This should be a wake-up call for all members of the European Parliament. Why is the (...)

EU’s Common Agricultural Policy - between Continuity and Reform

EPHA received an invitation to the policy debate facilitated by the Hans Seidel Stiftung held on 25 February 2013 18:30-21:00 at the representation of the Free State of Bavaria. The following article contains the arguments/key messages addressed by the speakers. Introduction Europe is entering a decisive period. Tight budgets, the pressure of globalisation and growing mistrust towards Brussels requires an efficient use of resources and a concentration on priorities. Together with (...)

[EPHA Recommendations] Public health priorities towards Horizon 2020

Negotiations among EU Institutions are about to begin on the future research programme after the adoption of the partial general approach by the Competitiveness Council and the report by the Industry, Research and Enegery Committee in the Parliament. EPHA highlights seven ways in which EU leaders can ensure that investing research and innovation brings the greatest possible advancements in health and science, while creating accessible public goods. In its policy document, EPHA provides (...)

[Evaluation] Council discussed reform of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) & mislabelled beef products

Between 25-26 February, EU Agriculture Ministers held a public debate in Brussels over the direct payments regulation and the horizontal regulation, within the framework of the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform. The debate included discussion on the basic payment scheme and whether it was transparent who the beneficiaries of CAP payments are. Ministers were also briefed on the mislabelling of beef products. Reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) Ministers held two policy (...)