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Structural Funds

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Correcting health workforce imbalances: What coordinating role for the EU?

Co-organised by the Health Workers for All (HW4All) project, the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and EPHA, a policy debate took place on 5 May 2015 which discussed how the ethical recruitment principles of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel could best be implemented. It focused on the European context where professional mobility is encouraged in the Internal Market yet posing increasing challenges for the health systems (...)

Open letter : Cohesion policy – Play the card of partnership

EPHA has joined a coalition of civil society organisations to campaign for strengthening of the partnership principle in EU Cohesion Policy. In the corresponding letter, the signing organisations argue that full partnership with civil society is necessary to achieve the cohesion element in policy objectives. The letter also stresses the need to enhance governance structures. The letter argues that the Article 5 in the proposed new general regulation for cohesion policy improves former (...)

Time to Act: WHO Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel

The World Health Organisation Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel was adopted in 2010 by the WHO Member States, including the EU-27 countries. Notably, its monitoring strategy calls on NGOs and other stakeholders to work with the WHO to achieve ‘’meaningful commitment and action’’. The meeting of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in Malta on 10-13 September is an opportunity to recall the importance and urgency of (...)

2012 AGA Master Class reflects on 20 Years of Maastricht Treaty

The 2012 EPHA Annual General Assembly kicked off on June 5 with a Master Class jointly organised by the Maastricht University and EPHA Member the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region. (ASPHER). It was an opportunity for EPHA members to learn about and reflect on the impact of the Maastricht Treaty on public health, as well as to discuss its strengths and weaknesses. The joint ASPHER/University of Maastricht workshop on the development of the EU’s public (...)

How can health actors better use Structural Funds? Three training workshops

Three workshops are organised in different MS to support health actors to achieve greater impact when using EU Structural Funds. The Health Gain project organises three thematic workshops to help health actors to better use the Structural funds towards better health and well-being. The objective of the workshops is to use the Health Gain Guide and apply it to Structural FUnds programming and strategic planning. Target audience: Public officials and experts involved in all stages of (...)

EPHA briefing: the future EU Cohesion policy and health

The EU has a number of policies designed to reduce the significant disparities that still exist between Europe’s regions and to promote greater economic, social and territorial cohesion. The EU Cohesion policy is an investment policy. What is the EU Cohesion (Regional) Policy? Given its share of the EU budget (more than one-third), cohesion policy instruments are key in boosting Europe’s economic competitiveness and growth, fostering social cohesion, improved quality of life (...)

Promoting health gains through Structural Fund spending

The project ’Impact of Structural Funds on Health Gains’ demonstrates how Structural Funds represent a valuable funding mechanism and their innovative use through indirect health investments can help to deliver health gains, tackle inequalities and assist vulnerable groups. Aimed at supporting the development of poorer regions, the EU Structural Funds (SF) are funding instruments of the EU Cohesion Policy (Regional Policy), which seeks to tackle significant economic, social and (...)

Euregio III - Final workshop

On 21 September 2011 a conference is being organised in Brussels on the theme of ’’Structural Funds & health improvement: reflections to date and the way forward’’. EUREGIO III (EIII) supports an innovative approach to the use of Structural Funds for health. This is the final concluding conference of the project which has sought to extend the results of EUREGIO to identify & share best actions for the effective use of structural funds for health & help (...)