- OPEN LETTER from the Better Regulation Watchdog Network in response to the Commission proposal for an Inter-Institutional Agreement and the Commission communication on Better Regulation for Better Results

- Better Regulation Watchdog founding statement and members (pdf)

The network of organisations from around Europe is concerned that the Better Regulation agenda aims to weaken or undermine essential regulations and subordinate the public good. The creation of the network is a response to the European Commission’s attempts to remove what it deems ’regulatory burdens’ under the Better Regulation initiative.

Alongside EPHA, the network comprises a wide range of public interest groups including consumer, environmental, development, financial, social, and trade unions, together representing tens of millions of European citizens. The members are united by a desire to build an inclusive and competitive Europe founded on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The network will examine actions taken under the Better Regulation initiative to identify possible risks to existing and future social, labour, environmental, consumer, financial regulation and public health standards. It will then inform civil society, media and decision-makers of these risks by organising public debates, promoting research and through joint campaigning and advocacy work.

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Last modified on June 9 2015.